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Here you will be able to view pictures of the Dachshund breed in 3 different coat varieties: Smooth, Wire, and Long. They also come in standard size (16lbs and over) and mini size (11lbs and under). These photos are submitted by our members and friends/family of our members.

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Smooth Dachshund

When people think of dachshunds or "wiener dogs" this is the coat that most associate with the breed. It is short and one length over the entire body. It allows the unique shape of the dachshund to be plainly seen. Smooth dachshunds come in various colors; the most common being red, black and tan, and chocolate. Dapple, brindle and piebald are other interesting coat color patterns that have become popular in recent decades.


Wirehair Dachshund

The wirehair  dachshund is the least known coat among people who are first investigating the breed. The coat has a wiry texture similar to terriers. Often people ask if the wirehair dachshund is a mixed breed. The coat has advantages in protecting the dog from underbrush while hunting. The coat is maintained by stripping or trimming hair. There are distinctive whiskers on the snout. Common colors for wirehair dachshunds are red, black and tan, and wild boar. The wirehair is physically the same as the smooth, which can be easily observed when wet and the hair is clinging close to the body. The wirehair is sometimes referred to as "the clown" of the three coats.


Longhair Dachshund

The longhair dachshund is somewhat better known than the wirehair. The coat has a soft and silky feel yet it still has protective value against underbrush. It requires regular grooming to prevent matting but is worth the trouble if you love the elegant look. Thickness of the longhair undercoat varies and some breeding lines have coats that are more "wash 'n' wear" than others or can even have puppies in one litter that have different thicknesses of coats. The coat should fit closer on the main part of the body and feathers on the chest, back of legs, ears and tails. When wet, the longhair dachshund will also appear physically the same as the smooth dachshund. common colors for the longhair dachshund are red, red with black tips on ears and black overlay or shadowing on the back, and black and tan. The buff-colored English Cream has recently become a popular color. Longhair dachshund coats also come in color patterns of piebald and dapple. The longhair is sometimes referred to as "the lover" of the three coats.



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